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A LASTING TREASURE:   Congratulation on your ownership of some of the finest furniture you can own.  You will soon notice that TEAK is just not any wood.  It it long lasting, durable in all types of weather, and comfortable.  It can serve as a priceless heirloom that can be passed down generation to generation wrapped in precious and fun memories.  Consequently, my heart aches when I see teak furniture hauled to the dump, only because people did not know that their TEAK treasure could be restored.

THE BASICS:   TEAK furniture, especially outdoors, can be a story of tragedy.  It is an exotic oily wood God-made to resist hordes of insects, and torrential tropical weather.  Without it's protective natural "bark" it reacts differently in our North Carolina environment than it would in the tropics.  It is a living and breathing organic substance that is attacked by the elements of our environment, foreign to its natural habitat.  That is why All-Things-Wood is here, to help with the special requirements needed to care for TEAK.

TRAGEDY STRIKES:   Outdoors without its natural bark, even the smallest amount of dust and dirt become a "fertile garden" where mold-spores can breed rapidly.  Fertilize near by plants or even your yard and the nutrients drift over, causing the mold garden to double.  Additionally, the oil in the wood wicks to the surface to feeds the black spores of mold while the mildew etches your treasure gray -- or more exactly - the appearance of "salt & pepper".  Cover it with a protective plastic cover and it only grows more rapid.  On-going days of moisture adds green slick algae to this tragic story.  Often a well intentioned home-owner cleans the furniture with a degreaser.  Void of oil on the surface, the wood quickly tries to heal itself by sending a flood of oil to the surface.  Rinsed by a garden hose, the surface oil turns to an uninviting "band-aid" of white / yellow wax.

In the off season use (store) your outdoor Teak furniture
in various rooms of your home.  Not only will the
controlled environment help protect the furniture,
it will nicely accent any room.

RESTORATION BEGINS:  Cleaning, restoring and sealing your Teak furniture can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 6 hours per piece of furniture.  This is based on how severe the damage and gray is, how many slats there are, do you want under-cushion slats treated, how large the item is, do you want the bottom treated, what tone you want it to be, and how many coats of protecting sealer you desire.  The color is increased by multiple coats of sealer -- from 2 to 12.  (no more than 3 coats can be added each day, with light sanding in between coats)     

PRICE RANGE:   10+ steps to clean, remove the gray, eliminate the mold / mildew /algae, wet sand, dry sand, and add multiple coats of sealer.  Pricing below is with all parts FULL service and with 3 coats of finish / sealer. This is just a range with many variables...prices may be lower or higher according to your requests...

It's true, anyone can now beat our price -- because we are brave enough and customer sensitive enough to publish it.  Question is -- can they beat our quality or service excellence...I don't think so. 

Furniture Type
Sample Price
(full service)
 Dining Table (7+ seats)
 Dining Table (6 seats or less)
 Dining Arm Chair (when done with table)
 Deep Seating Lounge Chair
 Folding Chair
 Steamer Box or Deck Box
 Arm Chair
 Love Seat
 Side Table
 Coffee Table
 Small Bench

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