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Other Services and Advantages
from All-Things-Wood, Inc.

  • Once you use our services for your Teak Furniture, you are eligible for up to 20% Discount on our other services within 6 months. 
  • We are the only Craftsmen in the Piedmont that has warrantied services and products. 

* DECKS  =  3, 6, and 7 Year Warranties.    
* FLOORS = 2, 7 and 15 year warranties. 
* FENCES = 7, 10 and 15 year protection warranties.

  • We will reward you $100 for each referral that turns into a job.  In just a few months, you can pay for your teak furniture restoration.

Professional Service
Hardwood Floor ReFinishing
-Traditional Sanding with FREE Dust Containment.  Ask about our 107% Dust Free approach.  Graduate of NWFA Expert school in hardwood floor refinishing.
Hardwood Floor ReNewal
-Sandless refinishing of your hardwood floors starts at 99 Cents a square foot.
Deck Rescue
-Strip, Sand, Stain your deck -- guaranteed to last 7-Years.
Engineered Wood Floor ReNewal
-- the only company in the Piedmont that can restore your engineered wood floors to almost new again.
Privacy Fences
Ask about our "Parkway Fence Protector" -- formulated from Cedar Oil this offers 15-years of enduring protection of your fence.
--- Clean and stain privacy fences to look almost new again.  Something you can be proud of and they last longer --  much less expensive than replacing. 
Laminate, Ceramic and Vinyl Tile    
     …also Commercial VCT tile.
- clean and reseal.  Don't buy new laminate flooring -- restore it to almost new.
Wood Paneling ReNewal
- clean, brighten and refinish.  Don't paint over that priceless pine paneling -- brighten it like almost new.
Cabinets & Doors
-- clean and refinish.   Color change available.  $ave thousands over replacing or even refacing.  Don't paint your front door -- refinish it with a rich, long lasting stain. 
Concrete Floors & Sidewalks  
-- Clean, seal and colorize if desired.  Great for basements, garages, slab buildings, warehouses, and more.

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